Name: Sadie Gonzalez

Role: Grade 3 Homeroom
Contact: E-mail 
Credentials: B.S. in Elementary Education and a Minor in Spanish from Walla Walla University
Hello everyone!

I am so blessed to be so close to family and friends and for having being given the honor of educating your 3rd graders this year! So following is me in a nutshell.

I was born in Long Beach, CA but spent the majority of my life in the glorious PNW. I studied at Upper Columbia Academy and then wandered over to Walla Walla University for my B.S. in Elementary Education. My junior year I went to Spain to finish up my minor in Spanish and then spent the rest of the year on the tropical island of Palau where I taught kindergarten in the morning and high school choir in the afternoon.

On that wee island is where my love for education increased and the following year I graduated and accepted my first teaching position over in Carson City, NV. The next year I was offered a 2nd/3rd grade position in Ukiah, CA and I learned how to incorporate DI strategies in all subject areas. I spent three beautiful years in Ukiah but felt a calling to be closer to my family in Washington and that’s how I ended up at PCA!

In my “free” time I love to play the guitar, ukulele, and piano. I also thoroughly enjoy doodling in the park, going for a stroll in the mountains, going camping, and skiing in Canada. Gathering friends for a Friday evening of popcorn, smoothies, and vespers is also on the top of my list of things to do.

Being a teacher is so rewarding to me because everyday I get to see the miracle of insight and learning through the eyes of my students. By the end of the year my students will have gained a better knowledge in mathematics, science, reading, etc. but I desire for something more. My goal is to plant a seed in them about Jesus and building a relationship with Him, and my prayer is that those seeds continue to grow far after they’ve finished 3rd grade! 


Accepting His Plan is the study of God’s plan to redeem the world. It begins with explaining the problems Lucifer created in heaven to the temptation of Adam and Eve. It then addresses God’s plan of salvation and desire to have us live with Him in heaven; which is only possible through His son Jesus.