“Our goal is to lift our children up to Jesus as we REACH, TEACH, and GROW them in HIS light. Early Childhood Education is a start of a beautiful journey in their lives. This growth lasts a lifetime but we have the opportunity in being a part of the “roots” in their path. It is so wonderful to marvel at their growth as they go out in to the world to be lights for Jesus.”

 Palisades Christian Learning Center is an early education program where children will grow, learn and thrive in a fun and safe environment. We want to instill a love of learning and discovery in each of their hearts. Our students will engage in interactive learning experiences that will help them develop their social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and cognitive needs.  

Our program’s major focus is to engage our students fully in God’s love. 

  • We have many activities/lessons at each center that not only are fun and appealing, but also students achieve Washington State Learning Benchmarks, and Kindergarten Readiness Standards. 
  • Students are encouraged, challenged, and motivated in their learning processes. 
  • Lessons are modified when needed and each activity gives our students a chance to discover and develop at their own pace
  • Our Bible stories and lessons provide the students with a visual, spiritual, auditory, and physical motivation. This helps further their understanding and caters to their learning styles and involvement. 
  • We focus our eyes on Jesus throughout our whole day in class. 
  • We purposefully engage in prayer when conflicts arise or a friend or family member is sick or in trouble. 
  • We also praise Him and thank Him at all times to demonstrate how true and good He is to us.  
  • We model and teach our students to obey our Lord not because we have to, but because we love Him and want Him to fully come into our hearts and minds.
  • Every opportunity is used to apply our loving God to daily activities. From the beginning of the day when we have a worship time, to our prayers before meals or snacks, we put forth the idea that God cares about everything we do. 
  • Our children thrive in our environment where they are able to grow, explore and engage fully in their learning.
  • Teachers use curriculums that incorporate the best practices and subject materials appropriate for each age group.

Please call to schedule a tour or for more information. Our number is (509) 327-8387.

Please click the following link to access our complete bulletin: Child Care Policies and Complete Handbook