2023-24 School Calendar



Closed Aug. 14-18 Teacher Development (14/15 10 hours required training) 
August 21, First Day of school
September 4th, Closed for Labor Day
Sept. 21, Welcome Family Picnic Evening
October 19th Picture Day (Group)
November 4th. PCA Fall Family Night
November 9-10 Closed for Parent/Teacher conferences and Development
November 22-24 Closed for Thanksgiving
November 30th Individual pictures.
December 12th, PCA Christmas Concert
December 18-Jan 1/24 PCA Christmas Break
December 25-29 PCLC Christmas Break
January 15th Closed for MLK
February 19th Closed for President’s Day
March 1 Re-registration begins
March 5th Evening Open House
March 25th Closed for Spring
April 11-12 Closed for P/T conferences and development
May 23 PCA Concert
May 27th Closed for Memorial Day
May 29th PreK Graduation
May 30-31 Closed for Teacher planning and transition to Summer
June 3 Summer Camps start
July 4-5 Closed for Independence Day
August 19-23 Closed for Teacher Development? 
August 26th First day of School?