Dress Code

PCA School Dress Policy  


General Guidelines

Palisades Christian Academy School Dress Standards reflect Christian values and promote a unified professional and educational atmosphere while on campus and in the community.


· PCA School Dress Standards apply to all grades (K-10 students).

· Christian modesty, neatness, cleanliness and simplicity are expected in all areas of appearance.

· Students are expected to willingly adhere to the PCA School Dress Standards while at school, on school-sponsored events, or during extra-curricular school functions.

· Parents are expected to support the PCA School Dress Standards by being actively involved with their student’s clothing and accessories decisions.

· The school administration and faculty have the final determination on appropriateness of school attire.


Professional Standard School Wear



· Any solid color

· Must touch the top of the knee when standing (shorts, skirts, dresses, jumpers)

· Outer layer should not be athletic wear or spandex-like material

· Leggings may be worn under shorts, skirts, dresses, and jumpers



· Any long or short-sleeved, folded collar shirt (not sleeveless)

· Must be full or partial button down, and worn with no more than 2 buttons unbuttoned 

· No pictures, words, or symbols larger than approximately 1” diameter (a quarter)

· Solid, single-color undershirt may be worn under shirt



· Sweatshirts are allowed indoors, if worn over a shirt that meets school standards

· No pictures, words, or symbols larger than the student’s hand

· Logos must be smaller than the student’s hand, unless the logo depicts a church/school-sponsored design


Friday Wear

· Any PCA t-shirt and jeans

· Jeans must not have rips, holes, or frays



· Worn at all times: indoors and outdoors

· Closed-toe footwear (tennis/running/court shoes, dress shoes, boots, or casual shoes)

· Sandals with heeled strap (except on playground and field)

· A second pair of athletic shoes is required for indoor gym use only—may be kept at school


PE Attire – Grades 7-10

· A PE uniform will be provided by the school at the beginning of the school year.

· An extra uniform may be purchased, if desired


Other Accessories

· Scarves may be worn over shirt

· Outerwear (jackets and coats), hats and sunglasses are acceptable outdoors

· Belts are encouraged

· Jewelry (except clear spacers) is not allowed, and must be retrieved by a parent if worn to school

· Avoid extreme nail polish

· Tattoos or body piercings of any kind may not be displayed on the body

· Keep hair clean and well-groomed

· Avoid unnatural hair color and extreme hairstyles


Music Department Performance Attire

· Palisades Christian Academy Music Department performance attire applies to all 4-10 music performance groups.

· All black on black performance attire


· Slacks

· Long or short-sleeved shirt

· Shoes, socks


· Long or short-sleeved dress (knee-length or longer)

· Long or short-sleeved shirt (no sleeveless, please) and skirt (knee-length or longer) or pants

· Shoes, socks/tight


Modesty, neatness, cleanliness and simplicity are expected in all performance attire. Improper performance attire may affect the student’s privilege to perform, as well as the student’s music grade.