Hot Lunch



PCA’s Hot Lunch Program

For the 2019-2020 School Year

Hot Lunch Schedule

Hot lunch will be available after Labor Day, beginning Tuesday, September 4. The hot lunch menu will be included in the weekly newsletter to you each Friday afternoon.

Hot lunches are offered Monday-Friday. Vegan and gluten free will be indicated in the weekly newsletter. 

Hot lunches will not be available on minimum days (noon dismissal).


Purchasing a Hot Lunch

Students can indicate whether they need a lunch when attendance is taken.  Or they let the office know directly if arriving late.

The cost for each lunch is $4.This cost will be added to your school bill at the end of each month, unless hot lunches are paid for in advance at the school office. When pre-paying, we do ask that at least 5 lunches ($20) are purchased at a time, to avoid making small change for each person.

If a student does not have a lunch, one will be provided and added to the monthly bill.