Hot Lunch



PCA’s Hot Lunch Program
For the 2023-2024 School Year

Hot Lunch Schedule
Pizza Friday lunches will be available on and after September 1, 2023.
Pizza will be available every Friday, and will include carrots, fruit snacks, and juice.
Lunches will NOT be available on minimum days (noon dismissal).


Purchasing a Hot Lunch
Students can indicate whether they need a lunch when attendance is taken. Or, they can let the office
know if arriving late.
The cost for each lunch is $5. The cost will be added to your school bill at the end of each month, unless
hot lunches are paid in advance or on the day of, at the school office. When paying the office, we ask
that at least 4 lunches are purchased at a time to avoid making small change for each person.
If a person does not have a lunch,