Why the Name Change?

Spokane Junior Academy to Palisades Christian Academy

The first school year in the new building (2009/2010) the school board recommended to the supporters during a constituency meeting the following rationale to support their request in changing the name:

  • We are moving into a brand new school in a new location.  By using "Palisades" in our new name, we are embracing our new surroundings.  The Palisades Park is adjacent to our property.  This encompasses the entire Rimrock/Palisades/Indian Canyon area, including all public lands within the approximate boundaries of Sunset Hwy on the South, Riverside State Park on the North and East, and Airway Heights on the West.
  • Palisades is a unique name in Spokane and more likely to stand out.  Currently Spokane Junior Academy is not a well-recognized name in the greater Spokane area.
  • The word "Junior" denotes something that is "less than" which is not the attitude of excellence that we want to promote at our school.  Furthermore, the word "Junior" is confusing to many who do not understand what a "Junior Academy" is.
  • By adding the word "Christian" we are letting the community know that we are Christians, followers of Christ.  This dovetails into our school's mission of "Educating Kids to Live for Him!"
  • The word "Academy" denotes a "cut above," which our school, academic program, teachers and staff certainly are.
  • For over 60 years the words "Seventh-day Adventist" have not appeared in our school's name.  This change affords us the opportunity to let the community know that we are a Seventh-day Adventist school and further the mission of our church.