Home School Options


Teaching your child at home can be one of the most rewarding experiences a family can have. Palisades Christian Academy supports you in your homeschooling journey with special curricular opportunities that are designed to enhance your child’s homeschooling experience. Whether you are new to homeschooling, or a seasoned homeschool veteran, Palisades Christian Academy is able to offer courses in Choir, Art, and hands-on Science. Each class is offered for students in K through Grade 10. The day and time of each class may vary according to the grade’s class schedule. 

Participation is limited to class size restrictions. 

Your child may also enjoy participating in many of Palisades Christian Academy’s programs and athletics. These include: 

Enrichment classes – once a week:

  1. After School Sports
  2. Art
  3. Band
  4. Brass band
  5. Choir
  6. Guitar Lessons
  7. Handbells
  8. PE
  9. Pep band
  10. Piano Lessons
  11. String Ensemble
  12. Strings Lessons
  13. Winter Activity Days
  14. Woodwind and Brass Lessons

Core Classes – daily:

  1. Algebra 1 & 2
  2. General math
  3. Geometry
  4. Language arts
  5. Science

Below are some events occasionally done, please contact the school for more information.

  1. Field trips
  2. Silver Rapids
  3. Ski/Snow board Program
  4. Week of Prayer

The costs for all music lessons is set by, and paid directly to, the instructor.