Bio: Ruth Lenz

Name: Ruth Lenz
Role: Grades 7 - 10 
Contact: E-mail
Credentials: M.A. in English. Endorsements in High School Math, Biology, Computer Lit., and Bible. Have taught at PCA since 1997.


I am so blessed to be a teacher of 7-10th graders! Their enthusiasm for life is contagious and it pushes me to be the best teacher I can be. My goals as their teacher are to prepare them well academically for future schooling, teach them the study skills they need to be successful and encourage them to develop responsibility for meeting their own goals. I also strive to equip them for living with specific life skills like computer management, writing a resume and preparing for a job interview.

Experience outside of the traditional classroom is also beneficial, so we take numerous field trips as well as our annual 9-10 campout at the beginning of the year and our ASB Spiritual Retreat each winter. In addition, my students have the opportunity of participating in a Maranatha Mission trip or a Northwest Educational Tour every other school year.

Our class spends time in discussions that encourage students to think about relationships and character goals such as integrity and a positive attitude. Most importantly, I pray that each student who enters my classroom will leave with a deeper love for Jesus and the desire to follow Him in whatever he/she does.

Personal Information

  • I was born in Ohio and raised all over the US, mainly in California and Washington States.
  • I received a B.A. in English with a math minor from Walla Walla College.
  • I received my M.A. in English at Andrews University.
  • I met my best friend and husband at Walla Walla College, and we have been married since 1982. We are the proud parents of three boys and two daughters-in-law.
  • My hobbies include doing things with our family, gardening, cooking, reading, camping and sewing.