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​​TURN LABELS INTO DOLLARS FOR PCA: Help PCA earn money by collecting Box Tops for the brands you buy - click here for a list!

You can also collect labels of vegetarian food:

  1. Loma Linda

  2. Morningstar

  3. Worthington

Each classroom has a container for collecting these.  As you collect the labels, please send them to school with your children.  PCA gets $.10 for every boxtop and money for labels.  TIP: If you’re doing online ordering, click here to go through the Box Tops website so that PCA gets a portion of the sales.  Thank you for your help!

That's not all!  Click here to become a member of Box Tops for Education for FREE and have access to many benefits:

  • Once signed up, track how much PCA has earned.

  • Earn for PCA by shopping online at your favorite stores!