Dear Alumnus,

Palisades Christian Academy (formerly Spokane Junior Academy) has come a long way from those beginning days in the Central Seventh-day Adventist Church basement. Faithful men and women collected cash and materials to build and open SJA on Cleveland Avenue in 1939. During this time you met friends, studied, found spiritual values, and discovered a love of music, sports, the scriptures, or a myriad of other interests.

Take a stroll down memory lane and view yearbooks we have starting with 1954.  NOTE: The yearbooks are in a secure location requiring a login.  Please submit an alumni form to gain access.

We are inviting you to reconnect with PCA in its beautiful new facility on North Government Way. Just as you experience changes in your life and family in the time since you left [SJA], the school changes too as it expands its mission of serving children and their families.


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