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Miss Caitlin Krause was the winner of our "blow-up the debt" contest! Caitlin's video was a source of amazement to the teachers judging the entries. Caitlin came up wiht a hilarious balloon-popping method!  The video is a must see!


The PCA School Board received an opportunity to make a tremendous difference for PCA's future.  The direction and growth momentum of our school is so overwhelmingly positive, but, there will still significant work to do to re-establish a solid financial footing for the future.  A generous pledge was made to the school by an anonymous donor for a $50,000 matching pledge to PCA.  The goal was to raise the same amount in matching funds, so PCA would be able to eliminate prior operational debt and start the school year in the black.  We needed to start by raising at least $25,000 by the end of 2014 to get started.


Palisades invited families to help in various ways...

One way was a fun contest - $1000 each to BLOW UP the debt!

The money was collectively raised by communicating with friends or family to raise the $1000.  This, along with other donations, helped meet the $50,000 matching grant by the end of the school year (June 2015).

Thank you, thank you, thank you to ALL who support PCA's matching grant!  We reached our goal to match the generous grant of $50,000, bringing the total to $100,000, which wipes out our operating debt!  Special thanks to the anonymous donor and the Lord for making this happen.