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Palisades Christian Academy
eScrip Group ID – 500022388

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Help our school with this easy fund raiser! All you need to do is click here and sign up. PCA's school ID is 800022388. Just follow the directions on the site and stores you already shop at will send a percentage of your purchases to PCA. You don’t have to do anything else. Many schools the size of PCA are earning $20,000.00 or more per year through this program. So please, take a minute, log on, and sign up, and start earning money for PCA! Don’t forget to get Grandma & Grandpa, aunts, uncles, friends, and neighbors on board also! Every little bit helps! Thank you!

Take just 3 minutes to sign up today - here is a link to a video with more information and to show you how - Support PCA through eScrip.

For your conveience, register your cards by a power registration!  Simply click the link to provide your information, and we will do the rest!

It's Free.  It's Easy.  Sign Up Today!

eScrip Power Registration
Non-registered supporters can earn too using Amazon!
Earn for Us - Shop Amazon Now
What if we already have our own affiliate with Amazon?That's great, and you can keep it, but you may want to check your earning rate as with our vast network of groups, using the eScrip Amazon link may earn you more!

What is the Shopping Program? The program is a fundraising initiative to earn money for us. By simply clicking on the Amazon button on our website, you will earn funds for us when you shop Amazon!

Do I have to be a member of eScrip? No, this fundraising initiative allows us to earn from anyone who shops Amazon from the link.

How do I use the Shopping Program? Simply click on the Amazon button on this page or in our email communications.

Do I need an account? No - you do not need to register an account with Amazon. Just click through to Amazon from our Amazon button.

Is this program secure? Absolutely! All purchases are made through No account, payment, or order information is collected or processed by us. It's exactly like shopping directly through, except that we receive a percentage of your purchase when you access Amazon through our website. Free to you, invaluable to us!

What's the catch? There are no catches and no extra fees. The shopping experience through is exactly the same as it would be if you went to Amazon directly. But if you access Amazon by clicking on the Amazon button on our website, we get a percentage of your purchase.

Can I share this program with my friends/family? Absolutely! Anyone can earn funds for us by simply clicking through to from the Amazon button on our site and shopping – so be sure to tell friends and family about this great program from and to start shopping here first!

I'm registered with eScrip, do I need to shop from this page? Here, the Amazon link is coded to earn for Palisades Christian Academy anonymously, so while we earn the same contribution, it will not be part of your eScrip account. If you would rather earn in your name, you should visit the eScrip Online Mall at and access from there.
Updated: May 5, 2015