Student Success Programs

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Student Success Programs
The information below is available to download by clicking here.
  1. Program A - GIDEON’S 300 (original)  now Annual donation
Gideon’s 300 program has been revamped into the Student Success program with a one-time donation on an annual basis.  Thank you to all who contributed over the last two years.  We hope you continue making this annual donation to Student Success.
  1. Program B – Monthly donation  
We are making this proposal so everyone can participate.  Most of us cannot write a large check, but all of us can give a monthly donation, that, over the years, can make a difference.
The following are suggested giving patterns.  After prayerful consideration, let us know which one fits you best.  Look at the difference our donation, no matter how small or large, can make over a year.  The success of this program is in the numbers of people who make their commitment to PCA.
$.50/day         $15/month     $182.50/year              candy bar
$1.00/day       $30/month     $365/year                   dollar store item
$2.00/day       $60/month     $730/year                   Taco Bell food item
$5.00/day       $150/month   $1825/year                 Subway sandwich
$10.00/day     $300/month   $3650/year                 ticket to a game
$15.00/day     $450/month   $5475/year                 restaurant meal
$25.00/day     $650/month   $9125/year                 ½ tank of gas

If we have 100 people give to Gideon’s 300 at each level, here is what could happen to our Student Success Program…
    Number of students’ tuition covered
    1-6 grades 7-8 grades 9-10 grades
    $4000 tuition $4500 tuition $6700 tuition
$.50/day $18,250 4 1/2 4 2 3/4
$1.00/day $36,500 9 8 5 1/2
$2.00/day $73,000 18 1/4 16 11
$5.00/day $182,500 45 ½ 40 ½ 27
$10.00/day $365,000 91 1/4 81 54 1/2
$15.00/day $547,500 137 122 81 3/4
$25.00/day $912,500 228 203 136
  1. Program C – Sponsor a Student
Please contact the Development Director, Tim Windemuth, for further information.
Fill out your direct deposit form and start making a difference in a young person’s life today!  We don’t need a big check, just a big heart giving consistently each month.
Updated: May 5, 2015